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Besides my own field of clinical psychology, other kinds of
psychologists include: develop-
mental psychologists, who study the development of human beings; educational psychologists, who concentrate on how effective teaching and learning take place; health psychologists, who are interested in how psychological and social factors affect the health of people; industrial psychologists, who apply psychological principles
to the work place to improve
productivity and the quality of
work life; school psychologists,
who work with children and
youths directly in public and
private schools; and sports
psychologists, who help athletes refine their focus on competition goals and become more motivated and less anxious of failure. These and other fields of psychology are described in various publications of the American Psychological Association


I am a clinical psychologist whose primary practice is helping people deal with their mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. I also do forensic psychology for lawyers and judges, and I administer various kinds of psychological tests. In the following material I’ve tried to answer some of the questions and concerns commonly asked by individuals who have used my clinical or forensic services in the past, so as to help you decide whether I can be of assistance to you.


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Clinical Psychology
Individuals, couples, and families go to a clinical psychologist because they have some kind of emotional distress or they believe that their actions and behaviors are causing them problems at home, at work, or in their personal relationships. Sometimes people seek out a psychologist on their own and sometimes they are brought in (or urged to go) by their parents or spouses or relatives because their emotional disturbances and behaviors are affecting others. The problems that lead people to seek help are sometimes full-fledged psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, or compulsive behavior, but more commonly the person’s problems are simply feelings that their life is not as satisfying as it might be and they suspect that their own attitudes and behaviors are partly responsible for this. > more

Forensic Psychology
Forensic psychology is the application of psychological science at the interface between psychology and the law. In short, any psychological service provided specifically to the legal community is a forensic psychological service. Forensic psychologists typically have expertise in other disciplines of psychology, such as clinical or counseling psychology, and thus provide services in their professional work that are clinical in nature, in addition to providing forensic consultation. > more
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