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   Dr. Murphey


Who Am I ?

I am a clinical psychologist who has my own practice. My office is in North Central San Antonio, at 1202 West Bitters, Building 3, about a quarter of a mile from the Blanco/Bitters intersection.

Before going back to college to get a doctorate in clinical psychology, I was an elementary school teacher and then a school psychologist for a number of years. I have been in private practice now for about twenty years. Other psychologists have recognized my expertise by honoring me as a Diplomate in Psychology, which is an honor awarded by the American Academy of Clinical Psychology that only a small fraction of clinical psychologists obtain.

In my practice, I counsel and treat individual adults, married couples, and adolescents and youths. I am also regularly ordered by judges to conduct psychological evaluations of persons involved in litigations, typically when there are disputes about child custody. Lawyers also use my forensic services in various legal situations, again typically but not exclusively in child custody matters. To aid in making these forensic evaluations and in other situations as well, I employ several kinds of psychological tests in addition to regular counseling and treatment.


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